Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Introducing our garden

This is our garden. The aim of our blog is to make a record of what we grow and what we change as well as share our successes and failures. So first of all we need to tell you a little bit about the garden. It belongs to our Victorian house which was built in 1900. The house was built on the site of an older house and belonged to a family of saddlers who ran the shop from the house. The garden was clearly laid out as a formal Victorian garden, and though it was very overgrown when we moved here it still has much of the Victorian layout which we have reinstated and preserved.

The garden is large - I'm not quite sure how large - when it is not pouring with rain I will measure it - but as you can see from the picture it has two paths running either side. We have covered one with slate chips on the right and one is grass on the left. It also has a central ornamental path in the shape of a cross in the centre which you can just see running up between the two trellises. About two thirds of the garden is flowers and grass and a third, right at the back, is vegetables. A key feature of the garden is that all of the blue/black path edging tiles are still there. You can see them edging the grass path. we have gradually reinstated most of them to maintain the original shape of the garden.

The picture above was taken today in pouring rain when pretty much everything is cut back for winter. We hope the pictures will get more interesting as the garden grows and the rain stops

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