Monday, 20 January 2014

Hooray for Euphorbias!

This time of year I am desperate - and I mean desperate for the garden to get going again. Last year in the UK was torture as just when we thought the winter was over we got several weeks of icy blast taking us deep into March. Fingers crossed I reckon in Leicestershire we have about another 6 weeks to go before things start to grow properly. I love that time of year as I can walk up the garden and greet the plants that have made it through like old friends. I grow a lot of perennials so as things emerge from bare ground, often when I had completely forgotten them it is a lovely surprise.

But in the meantime I say hooray for euphorbias. The two in the pictures  are looking wonderful even now, especially the Silver Swan above which is about to flower and also putting on loads of new growth for next year. If I look hard there are also some bulbs well on the way in the sodden earth. I especially like the alliums as they come up - they look so strong and the first leaves have a lovely crimson tip - I'm not sure if you can see it in the picture but it is quite striking.

I have visions of gardeners all over the country poking, prodding and visually searching for those early signs - or perhaps it's just me  - I'm not known from my patience.

I really enjoyed this post in The Green Tapestry blog about the reasons why we garden, and this got me thinking. The regular excitement of finding out what has survived our quirky UK winters certainly does it for me.

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