Sunday, 26 January 2014

Another step forward

Sometimes it feels as though progress with our garden is painfully slow. We have been working hard on getting it back to its original state for two or three years now and there is still so much to do. I have to remind myself to celebrate each little step forward . We tend to make most progress in  early spring and late autumn as we are too busy just holding the line in the growing season. At this time of year I am champing to get cracking on some substantial tasks ( compost system revamp, sorting our new raised bed, clearing brambles at the back of the garden to name but a few) but it's just too WET!

Anyway all is not doom and gloom as last week we had four more fence panels replaced.

This is Mike who has done all the landscaping in our garden making a lovely job of the fence.

We are plagued with ivy in the garden where it has been allowed to get badly out of hand. You can see in the top left of this picture where it has lifted the cap stone on the fence post and it is like that on several of the posts. In some cases we weren't even sure if all the posts existed as they were completely smothered in ivy.

If you look to the far right of the picture you can see what each of the posts looked like before we cleared them - with a kind of hairy, ivy hat on them! Re-pointing and repairing the damage the ivy has done is a long job because the ( enormously heavy) cap stone has to be lifted off and then the bricks have to be cleared and re-laid with lime mortar ( by Mike). Still - I am focusing on progress today - and this job being done means just three more panels to go!

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